Americans are hitting the road this Memorial Day!

Americans are hitting the road this Memorial Day!

More than 34 million American car travelers will have the opportunity for added exposure to Out-of-Home and AM/FM radio messaging over the course of the upcoming Memorial Day weekend.

More than 37 million are expected to travel 50 miles or more from home this Memorial Day weekend, according to AAA Travel, and over 90% will happen by car.  That’s more than 9 in 10 Memorial Day travelers who will drive to their destinations, as many Americans continue to substitute road trips for travel via planes, trains and other modes of transportation.

This is 12 million more Americans compared to 2020; and only 9% fewer versus pre-pandemic figures of 2019.

Overall, auto travel is expected to increase 52% compared to 2020.   Although vehicle trips are down as much as 40% in some metros, afternoon congestion is nearly back to pre-pandemic levels.  Perfect time to enjoy the OOH scenery while you turn up the volume on your favorite radio station.

Source: AAA