Recruitment, Mentorship & Retention: Compton College Interns Are Here

We welcome our Summer 2021 Interns to Palisades Media Group!!!

Recruitment, Mentorship & Retention: Compton College Interns Are Here

We are excited to announce that we have identified our 2021 PMG summer interns through the agency’s inaugural and collaborative partnership with Compton College.  Interns will be integrated into various agency departments and teams, working alongside PMG employees on actual projects and deliverables for our clients. They will also join “Adventures in Advertising,” our 10-week interactive program beginning on Wed, June 16th, which provides an overview of our agency, our culture, our clients, and our services.

As part of the PMG + Compton College program, interns are required to enter a Learning Contract with the school. This allows them to earn college credits in addition to being compensated for their work, providing they stay accountable to the criteria and goals that have been set.  It will be our job to support and guide their experience so they walk away from this internship with hands-on experience at a media agency, confidence in their gained knowledge, and a solid foundation for their future career development.

Welcome Interns!  

  • Yedid Delgado, Digital Team (Netflix)
  • Claudio Gallardo, Strategy Team (Netflix)
  • Jasmine Perry, Strategy Team (Netflix)
  • Miguel Ramos, Social Team (Swarm Society)
  • Guillermo Rubio, Creative Team (Contraband)

“Every Student is a Success Story” — Dr. Keith Curry, President of Compton College