Diversity & Inclusion Newsletter: Inaugural Issue!

Diversity & Inclusion Newsletter: Inaugural Issue!

The Diversity & Inclusion Task Force is proud to introduce our very first issue. With each article, we will cover a variety of topics including Community Outreach, Culture & Engagement, Education, Recruitment/Mentorship/Retention, and Social. In this piece, we will provide a thorough overview of each subcommittee topic so you can better understand how each group will help contribute to our flourishing diversity initiative and how YOU might be able to get involved. Outside of Monday Morning Meetings, training sessions, and social media presence on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn, we hope this newsletter will be yet another way for us to connect with you. Feedback and suggestions for future topics are always welcomed by our editors. Contact us at Diversity-Inclusion-Task-Force@palisadesmedia.com. We plan to publish the D&I article quarterly, so look for our next piece in March!

Culture & Engagement

by Austin Dumlao, Brittany Low, Avery Anderson, Gigi Martin-Duarte, Malik Jones

The Culture & Engagement Committee focuses on celebrating and connecting our already diverse work community. Read up on the four pillars the Culture & Engagement committee is responsible for below!

Stewards of the Quarterly Newsletter

The culture and engagement committee worked with Contraband to develop, design, and issue the D&I quarterly newsletter. For future editions, we’ll continue working with the various subcommittees to generate relevant content to share broadly with PMG.

PMG Diversity Spotlight

Our goal is to use the Spotlight as a way to shine a light on the variety of diversity that exists within the PMG community. Regardless of your race, age, gender, ethnicity, orientation, or heritage we want to hear from you! Help us educate and empower our community by championing unique individuals that contribute to our community.

Celebrate Heritage Months

As an opportunity to highlight a variety of key heritage months throughout the year, we hope to help our community better understand the importance and value of diversity through key facts, details, and stories.

Agency Round Tables / Table Talk

Moderated forums within PMG to discuss various topics in a safe space. Round table discussions will center on key topics, thoughts, or issues around Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. We'll roll these out as smaller forums to introduce the agency to the table talk format and encourage participation.

Community Outreach

by Eryn Imada, Hwa-Shih Lee, Sukhleen Suri, Chris Sanchez, Kenisha Edwards

Highlight Series

The Community Outreach pillar’s main goal is to raise awareness and support for minority-owned businesses and non-profit organizations within our community. We will take action through a monthly newsletter where one business and non-profit organization will be highlighted with ways to support (volunteer, donate, etc.)


In the very first Highlight Series newsletter we featured a non-profit organization, Beauty 2 the Streetz. Founded by Shirley Raines and serves the Los Angeles Skid Row area every Saturday, Beauty 2 the Streetz provides necessities like hot showers, hearty meals, and beauty services to as many as 400 homeless individuals. If you are looking for ways to help or donate, they have an Amazon wishlist, P.O.Box, and mobile payment services (Venmo, Paypal, Patreon, Cashapp).


by Ed Livesey, Yvonne Williams, Roxana Valdez

There is Power in the Know

The Education pillar’s main objective is to inform, incite conversation, and drive action through meaningful dialogue that educates Palisades Media Group on diversity whether that be in everyday personal and professional interactions or within our media strategy and tactical insights.

2020 Goals

Review commonly-used media terminology to educate the agency, determine an agency-approved list, and retire terms with negative connotations.

Click HERE for the terms list.

Looking Towards the Future

Top recommended resources: Provide a suggested PMG list to help cut through diversity and inclusion noise when figuring out what are interesting things to watch, read, and POV on articles.

Virtual panel series: Quarterly programming series where we include partners that know the multi-cultural media landscape to inform and ignite ideas and conversation surrounding diversity in media and audience education.