Social Update: April 2021 - Facebook Expands Spotify Relationship While Twitter and Snapchat Announce New Offerings at NewFronts

Social Update: April 2021 - Facebook Expands Spotify 
Relationship While Twitter and 
Snapchat Announce New
Offerings at NewFronts
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Apple's new pop-ups, which directly ask iOS users to opt-in to tracking their activity within apps came into effect on 4/26/21 as part of the iOS 14.5 update. Every social channel will be affected in slightly different ways in various capacities. We will be sharing a detailed breakdown of changes across social channels in a forthcoming POV document.


Facebook announced new topic-based targeting options/segments for in-stream ads. The new segments aim to break down larger topic groups into audience subsets. This expanded topic targeting is similar to YouTube's 'Affinity Audiences' - and more specifically, 'Custom Affinity Audiences' -  which work on the same principle, enabling marketers to hone in on more specific interests to maximize response. Facebook says that it's launching a global test of the new targeting segments, with a view to a full launch later in the year.

The social channel is looking to provide a new option for businesses on WhatsApp which will enable them to create Facebook ads within WhatsApp business tools, that then link back to their WhatsApp presence, tapping into the combined popularity of the two platforms.

It was announced that Facebook would have an expansion of its partnership with Spotify which will enable users to share and listen to full-length music tracks and podcast episodes directly on Facebook, without having to open a third-party app.

After Facebook shared details of its upcoming newsletter platform last month, Facebook has now confirmed the first elements of the new project, which will see the company pay out $5 million in funding to local journalists to kickstart the newsletter and generate interest. As reported by Reuters, Facebook's new funding will come in the form of multi-year deals with established writers to showcase its newsletter platform and expand interest.


We now have the first appearance of Reels ads. Reels ads look nearly identical to organic Reels, but with additional features like a “Sponsored” tag for transparency and CTA buttons like “Shop Now” at the bottom.

Instagram recently published the first edition of its new “Instagram Insider” digital magazine, which aims to highlight content trends, based on activity and creators on the platform.


During this year’s NewFronts presentation, TikTok showcased some hefty stats around their platform usage. The platform said advertisers running campaigns in the U.S. have increased 500% over the past year. Kantar research for the platform showed that 93% of users in the U.S. felt happy after spending time on the platform and 88% said they intend to spend the same amount of time or more over the next six months. 30% of users also said they watch less TV, streaming, or other video content since joining the platform.

TikTok recently announced a partnership with LiveRamp. LiveRamp provides audience insights in a privacy-safe way, across various platforms and now TikTok will be added to the list of platforms connected to the LiveRamp network.

The platform also launched a new Ad Library tool, currently called “Top Ads” which allows you to search for the best performing TikTok campaigns, by vertical and region, to get inspiration from their approach.


At its recent Analyst Day preview of upcoming tools and features, Twitter showcased its plans for new 'Super Follow' and tipping options, which will provide tools for Twitter users to monetize their presence by offering locked, exclusive content to paying members.

Twitter announced a range of exclusive video partnerships at this year’s NewFronts event. The partnerships range from unique content from the MLB, WNBA, and NHL & broadcasts from NBC, Billboard, and other major news sources that will offer exclusive video agreements to expand Twitter's partner content slate.

The company also highlighted a pre-roll offering called "Curated Categories" that lets advertisers run ads before health and wellness, esports, women in sports, and gaming.


Snapchat announced plans to open a Creator Marketplace during this year’s NewFronts presentation. The Creator Marketplace is meant to connect creators with advertisers. Later this month, a select group of augmented reality creators will be available to advertisers through 2021, with the marketplace expanding in early 2022 to all Snap creators.