Palisades MediaGroup has officially concluded our third year of partnership with our friends at ESPN for Duluth's custom Live Commercials with Kenny Mayne on SportsCenter. These Live Commercials are always a labor of love, and none more so than this year. Due to COVID, we had to get a little creative with how to execute these promotions this year. So instead of filming it at the ESPN's studios in Bristol, we just did them in Kenny Mayne's backyard!

Last night, the first of our five custom promotions ran on SportsCenter after college football. Before each Live Commercial, Duluth gets a shout-out in the game before SportsCenter telling viewers to stay tuned “to watch Kenny wrestle a bear” or “watch Kenny throw an axe” followed by a clip and logo of Duluth. As part of the promotion, these Live Commercials run in content time, go straight into a commercial break, and then our spots run adjacent to them. As a result, Duluth gets over a minute of air time.

We're not the only ones in love with these Live Commercials either. Kenny Mayne and ESPN wanted to do some press around it, and the first PR came out within ESPN Corporations. In the article, you'll get to read all about our collaboration (including a shoutout to us).