POV: Google Discovery Campaigns

POV: Google Discovery Campaigns

Discovery campaigns are one of Google’s latest ad products. They give brands the opportunity to reach new customers across Google properties in the moments when they’re open to discovering various products and services. Discovery ads run across the YouTube home feed, Gmail social and promotions tabs and, for the first time, the Google Discover feed. Similar to Facebook’s carousel ads, discovery ads allow advertisers to display one or more images that showcase their product or service in an interactive, swipe-through format.

Key Campaign Features

Rich and Relative Creative

Inspire customers with an open canvas showcasing the brands or products in a single image, rendered natively across each Google property.


Combining this incredible and creative canvas with Google’s understanding of intent, advertisers are anticipating what customers want and delivering the results brands care about.

Unmatched Reach

Reach hundreds of millions of people across the YouTube home feed, the Gmail Promotions and Social tabs, and the feed in Discover using a single campaign.


Unified Creative Specs

  • Headline (40 characters max)
  • Description (90 characters max)
  • Multiple images with at least one landscape required – 1.91:1
  • Square Logo approved for a round crop
  • Business Name (25 characters max)
  • URL
  • CTA String (selection made from drop-down)
  • A single image

Ad Placements

YouTube Home Feed

The Home feed is the “go-to” destination for users seeking to discover new content on YouTube.

  • Over the last three years, watch time from content discovered on the YouTube homepage has grown 10x.


Gmail reaches 1B+ monthly active users and is a key destination for B2C messaging.

  • Gmail launched a redesign of the tab that puts compelling imagery and key offers front and center so customers could easily discover valuable information.


800M people globally use Discover every month to stay updated on the things they care about.

  • Discover is a new feed experience available in the Google Search app that makes it easier than ever to discover, explore and stay connected to what matters most.


Audience Targeting

Layer Google audience solutions on to the Discovery campaigns to show highly relevant ads with targeting “Intent & Action”, “Interests & Habits”, and “Demographics”.

Optimized for All Experiences

Use unified creative specs ads that adapt to different channels, giving advertisers more room to share message to potential customers.


Reach more potential customers by not only targeting users who are already interested in the content, but also helping customers come across the things they haven’t even started looking for.

Also, Discovery Ads are a new ad placement that provides advertisers another area of opportunity to reach users where they are receptive to anything that catches their eye as they look for content.


New Ad Product

  • There is no reporting of whether it performs well or not. Since this ad format is fairly new, it could subject to faulty optimizations based on specific account nuances or intuitive decisions.
  • Advertisers might not have full control on targeting potential customers who haven’t started looking for the products yet.
  • 2 out of the 3 (YouTube Home Feed and Gmail) ad placement opportunities can be bought on its own via a different campaign setup.
  • Google recommends a budget of 10x the desired CPS.


YouTube Home feed, Gmail, and Discover are all great places for customers to discover an advertiser’s brand. Discovery campaigns allow advertisers to reach customers across Google properties that typically experience high site traffic. The unique aspect of these properties is that customers come to these environments with an open mind, usually not looking for anything specific. Therefore, we believe that Discovery campaigns have the opportunity to improve our accounts’ performances. We recommend testing Discovery campaigns where applicable.