Search Update: January 2022

Search Update: January 2022
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Best Buy Launches Its Own In-House Media Company

E-commerce has grown dramatically as digital marketing becomes more popularized in the past few years. Google Ads, Microsoft Ads, and Amazon are currently the main platforms to advertise on in various forms. However, Best Buy decided to join the market by launching its own in-house media company, offering paid search ads, sponsored product listing, and more on their website. Their objective is to provide businesses a more focused channel to reach customers looking for electronics and related products.

Best Buy’s in-house media company aims to help customers to discover new and relevant products, the retailers said. “We partner with the brands that matter to you and, based on our deep customer relationships and insights, provide meaningful messages to you at the right times.” Moreover, brands can also utilize retail data from Best Buy to build brand awareness and drive more conversions. These resources will not only benefit the customer but also the marketers.

In addition to paid search ads and sponsored product listing, Best Buy also offers on-site and off-site video ads as well as social and in-store ads. Marketers will be able to utilize in-store ads to display marketing contents on store televisions and computer screens. Thus creating a seamless online to offline marketing experience for customers.

More than that, Best Buy attempts to take this opportunity to launch an advertising-focused Career Pathways program, which will be available through Best Buy Teen Tech Center locations across the country. This Career Pathways program helps strengthen advertising and marketing skills used in the industry. “We will build on existing partnerships with nonprofits and program partners — as well as engage with advertising agencies, media firms, and brands — to create opportunities and a pipeline of fresh, diverse talent for advertising industry careers,” Best Buy said.

Lastly, the launch of Best Buy Ads will create more job opportunities for those passionate in the industry as well as diversify the workplace and create equitable opportunities. Search & Destroy is excited to see the benefits the launch of Best Buy Ads will bring.

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Google Ads Updated Experiment Page With Experiment Sync Feature

On January 19th, 2022, Google announced a new experiment page and workflow for marketers to test run different ads for the most efficient result. Now, with a simplified workflow, the changes made in the original campaign will now be automatically synced to the experiment. Users will no longer need to create a campaign draft and test the draft separately in an experiment. When you set up your experiment, you can specify how long you’d like it to run and how much of your original campaign’s traffic and budget you would like to use.

A data-driven test is always the most recommended approach when planning a digital marketing strategy, as it is more time-saving to determine an effective campaign or ads before investing a significant amount of budget. By eliminating the requirement of campaign draft creation, Google Ads made A/B testing a lot easier. The experiment sync feature also shortens the time of experimenting by syncing the changes made to the experiment with a single click. Marketers do not need to manually copy and paste the changes to the experiment anymore, which will be very helpful when multiple experiments are running in the account.

Search & Destroy, a search media team from Palisades Media Group has used the experiment feature in the past and is excited to see Google’s continuous update of this tool as A/B testing plays a crucial role to a successful digital marketing campaign.  According to Kevin Ha, the Associate Director at Search & Destroy, “Through minimizing the amount of work to set up a new experiment and the ability to sync experiment automatically, Google reduced the possible errors that might occur during the process significantly.”

Google Ads Experiment Page Summary

Experiment Sync Option

Google Ads Allows Sports Betting Ads in New York State

In January 2022, New York State will begin to allow mobile or online sports bets to be placed. Following that, Google updated its Google Ads gambling policy to allow ads for sports betting from certified and state-licensed entities in New York State. Google also stated, “Advertisers must apply for certification. Application for certification will be open to advertisers who wish to promote online gambling content in this region on January 7, 2022.”

According to Statista, the sports betting industry in the U.S. generated revenue of 1.55 billion U.S. dollars in 2020. Also, The Gambling and Casino industry makes about $306.5 billion in the U.S. annually. Meaning that the gambling industry contributes a significant amount of revenue for the U.S. However, there have been many restrictions in the relationship between advertisement and gambling related promotions in the past. With New York State as the pioneer this year, it is possible to see the change in sports betting ads restrictions among other states in the future.

What opened the door for sports betting ads is that the Supreme Court overturned the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act, which is a 1992 federal law that restricted all but a handful of states from legalizing sports gambling. Now, we can expect DraftKings, FanDuel, Caesars, and other well-established gaming sites to jump on this opportunity.

Lastly, even though there are still restrictions and the application process to be certified by Google Ads to post sports betting ads, the payoff can be significant with the right content and targeting. The reach of these advertisements makes Google ads an excellent investment for sports betting related content.