Search Updates: December 2021

Search Updates: December 2021

A peek into what the world was searching for on Google in 2021

2021, a year that revolves around the pandemic, is finally coming to an end. As people stay quarantining at home, the internet becomes even more inseparable to them.

In the first few months of 2021, search terms like “doom scrolling”, “vaccination”, and “what is hate crime” were searched more than ever globally. It was the period when people were the most isolated from socializing and feared the unknown due to COVID-19. Moreover, it was the period when some were terrified due to the increase in hate crimes. The world was panicking, people were frightened. The pandemic changed the way we lived our lives completely, and the world was having a difficult time learning how to adapt.

In the middle of 2021, the craziness was slowly fading away. People searched for “how to maintain mental health” and “body positivity” more than ever. The search terms show us that people were learning to adapt to the changes in life routines made during the beginning of 2021. Mental health concerns were the highest this year as many are deprived of basic human interaction. Body positivity came along as a result of self reflection; people got to spend time appreciating their bodies, regardless of size, color, and shapes. This quarter was all about self-love and self-care, hence revealing the importance of mental and physical health.

Moving on to the last few months of 2021, people started to search for “road trip”, “where can I travel”, and “job interview”. Especially the term “where can I travel”, this search was three times higher in 2021 compared to pre-pandemic level. Tourist attractions were slowly opening up for visits during this time. The entire world was more than excited to go on roadtrips and travel again. On the other hand, the third quarter was also the start of the great resignation as people have gotten used to working from home and leaving their old jobs to find permanently remote positions.

As businesses reopen and with the holiday season coming up, people on Google are currently searching for travel destinations, places to stay, and great hotel deals. Moreover, they are looking to purchase gifts for the upcoming holidays, either Christmas or New Year’s Eve.

People are also getting better at browsing for goods online before purchasing them in the physical stores for a seamless experience. According to Google, “on average, 62% of holiday shoppers surveyed across select countries say they will browse for gift ideas online - not in store.” Thus, showing us the importance of having a strong presence online to take advantage of holiday shoppers’ omnichannel behavior.

Businesses with brick and mortar stores are encouraged to take advantage of the many ecommerce platforms in order to satisfy customers’ need to browse and search for goods and purchase inspirations online before they make a purchase in physical stores.

Our world went through many ups and downs this year. Even if we didn’t notice, we became part of the changes. Google’s summary of 2021 search terms shows how the world has evolved through difficult times. With the last month of 2021 coming to an end, we are excited to see what were the most searched terms on Google in 2021.

Google introduces four more updates to performance planner

In May 2019, Google Ads introduced Performance Planner to their users.  This tool allows advertisers to forecast traffic, explore outcomes, understand opportunities, and manage budgets.  Moreover, Performance Planner can be used to create plans using advertising budgets and show the changes in key metrics and overall performance.

Additionally, with this new update, campaigns that were considered ineligible previously can now be added to Performance Planner by using past performance or adding forecasts manually. Ineligible campaigns are campaigns that are deleted or edited to meet the requirement but have been running for less than 10 days, or are in an experimental state.

Google also added a new column called “suggested changes”, providing advertisers with more in-depth recommendations to improve their campaign’s performance. This update helps Google Ads advertisers understand Performance Planner’s recommendations at a glance. The new suggested changes column will provide suggested budgets and bids for a specific campaign. This adds more insights and intuitiveness to the UI. This update also allows advertisers to comprehend the impact of the changes made to their campaigns. Secondary metrics  can also be added to evaluate the effectiveness of campaign performance. For example, if an advertiser’s goal is to achieve maximum clicks, the advertiser can add a column that shows changes to clicks.

Furthermore, advertisers can review the performance of a past campaign within a selected date range. For example, if an advertiser wants to get an estimate of performance and what to expect this year during Christmas, they can select the same date range from last year’s campaign for a more accurate result. This specific update makes forecasting the performance during a certain period much easier than before, especially during the upcoming holiday season. Advertisers  are encouraged to take advantage of these updates to improve campaign performance.

In conclusion, this updated performance planner can be beneficial to all advertisers including Search & Destroy.  The lift of eligible campaign restriction allows Search & Destroy to fully utilize the performance planner by including more campaigns as well as historical data and benchmarks instead of waiting for 10 days.  The new secondary metric option also makes reading the data more efficient by offering various metrics that directly correlate to campaign objectives.  Lastly, campaign forecasting has become easier.  Instead of exporting past campaign data from certain dates and to manually forecast future performance of similar campaign, we can select the time range on performance planner and let the tool does the forecast for us through Google automation.

     Choose Time Range

         Past Ineligible Campaign

Digital Marketers can now create campaigns on-the-go with the Google Ads mobile app

With the most recent update to the Google Ads mobile app, features such as search trends, performance insights, and campaign creation are now available for Google Ads mobile app users.

You can now create and edit campaigns from anywhere with just a finger tap. You can adjust campaign settings on the go e.g., select campaign types and which networks ads should appear on. This allows advertisers to quickly create a campaign and capture rising demand. Additionally, once your campaign is active, you can then monitor and optimize performance using the Google Ads mobile app.

Another highlight of this update is the performance insight. Google Ads mobile app will be able to provide more contexts of the performance based on your change in budget and bid strategies. This feature gives advertisers more in-depth information to make better optimizations for their campaigns.

Moreover, real-time search trends feature helps advertisers identify up and coming popular trends. Making it easier for digital marketers to utilize trending keywords for their campaigns.

With these three new features on the Google Ads mobile app, Google brings flexibility to their advertisers and contributes to the convenience and accessibility of observation in trends and performance/ Google is always trying to improve the advertiser experience and make it more intuitive. With this latest Google Ads mobile app update, advertisers will be able to manage and edit their campaigns when laptops are not readily accessible. When significant campaign updates are needed, Google Ads mobile app users can enjoy the convenience of editing campaigns on-the-go via their mobile devices.

                                                     Create Campaign

                                                 Performance Insight

                                                         Search Trends