Social Updates: December 2020

Social Updates: December 2020

Facebooks Oversight Board & VP of Civil Rights Make Progress and Clubhouse Drives Big Numbers


After the attempted takeover of the Capitol Building in Washington DC earlier this month and as a result of communications that came from the former President during that period, his accounts were removed from various social networks. Mark Zuckerberg posted about the incident and referred to the actions of the former President that lead up to this event as an attempt to undermine the peaceful and lawful transition of power to the elected successor and suspended his account indefinitely. Facebook then announced that the decision on permanently banning the former President would be handled by their recently activated Oversight Board. Their final decision will be available on their website, once it’s issued.

Facebook announced the appointment of Civil Rights Attorney Roy L. Austin Jr. as its new VP of Civil Rights, who will play a key role in their efforts to evolve the platform policies and maximize inclusion and representation across its apps. Austin's expertise will help guide Facebook's policy approaches as it looks to tackle racial inequality and flaws within its current systems.

As mentioned in previous communications, iOS 14 updates will have implications for advertisers across social and digital (overall tracking limitations, allocation window changes, and delayed reporting). Additional details are being rolled out by Facebook and they will be hosting a webinar this Thursday (2/4) to go over the updates so far if anyone is interested in attending.


TikTok continued to grow in 2020 and may become a more important and influential platform this year. Although they’ve seemingly avoided a ban in the US (for now), the app remains under scrutiny, due to concerns about its impact on young users, and international data security considerations, given its Chinese ownership. TikTok will once again be examined over how it tracks and uses data from underage users as part of newly launched legal proceedings in the UK.

TikTok has announced changes to its default privacy settings for younger users as part of its ongoing efforts for better systems to protect members of its audience. The biggest change will be that all accounts created by users aged 13-15 will now be set to 'Private' by default, as people under 13 are not allowed to sign-up for a TikTok account.


Snapchat is looking to broaden its eCommerce offerings by providing a range of new clothing options for users' Bitmoji characters. This information comes from a patent filed by Snap, which goes into detail on how the new process would work. Snap will partner with fashion retailers to provide Bitmoji versions of their items. This would then provide a range of new clothing options for your avatar in the app, while also allowing the brands to showcase their latest products interactively.


Audio-based social channels are on the rise and Twitter is making moves in that direction. After launching the first wave of testing for its new, audio-focused 'Spaces' feature last month, the company announced that it acquired podcast listening app “Breaker”, which will be used to build out Spaces and enhance the experience.


This relatively new social app has exploded in popularity over the last few weeks with celebs and influencers joining the invite-only app, creating a tremendous FOMO effect for the rest of us. If you aren’t familiar with Clubhouse, I suggest watching THIS VIDEO to familiarize yourself with the ins and outs of the app (so far). Elon Musk made massive headlines this weekend with viral posts across FB, IG, Twitter, and more, from users sharing live feeds of a packed Clubhouse “room” that he joined and discussed a variety of topics. If you don’t have an invite to Clubhouse yet, we suggest creating an account now to secure your username and (after giving access to your contacts) anyone you may already know on the app will be alerted of your interest and hopefully one of them is gracious enough to share a precious invite with you.