Social Updates - July 2020

Social Updates - July 2020

Facebook's Boycott Response, Pandemic Changes for Advertisers, TikTok Brand Safety Concerns & a Twitter Hack.

There have been quite a few notable events over the last few weeks.

Just published by Social Media Today is a “Guide to social media marketing in 2020 – Challenges, opportunities and lessons from the pandemic and beyond” that serves as a great follow up to Swarm Society’s insights piece, “The impact of Coronavirus and social ads and what happens next”, which included a lot of valuable and timely information available during April/May. The Social Media Today report covers topics that apply to us as advertisers and marketers and the challenges we’ve faced from working remotely and reevaluating social strategies and budgets.

As a follow up to another recent Swarm Society POV on TikTok, which outlined data collection fines, claims of compromised data and potential brand safety concerns for younger audiences, is this “Transparency report” from TikTok which provides specific details on all of the requests that the app has received from law enforcement and government bodies relating to content removals or data.

Not to be outdone, Twitter recently made headlines, with a security breach that affected 130 accounts and compromised users’ personal data. The hack exposed serious security risks for the platform’s most powerful users (President Barack Obama, Bill Gates, Apple, Uber, Kim Kardashian, Kanye West, Joe Biden and more) To address the issue, Twitter shared an update on this “security incident” which provides details on what data was accessed by the hackers.

Another follow up to a Swarm Society POV that summarized a Facebook Boycott by hundreds of advertisers, is this report from a 2018 civil rights audit that was finally released in July 2020. The report was not favorable for Facebook’s approach to hate speech and raised several criticisms as the report’s authors expressed significant concern to comments made by political leaders and why Facebook allowed them to remain on the platform. The report also notes Facebook’s failure to address voter suppression tactics within comments posted by politicians and how that could have significant impacts in certain communities.

In response to this report, Facebook is now creating “Equity and Inclusion” teams to examine how Black, Hispanic and other minority users in the U.S. are affected by company algorithms. This includes its machine-learning systems, and how those effects compare with white users, according to people familiar with the matter. An even more recent update is a blog post from Facebook titled “Sharing our actions on stopping hate”, where they go through a list of the of what they’re currently exploring to address all of the recommendations from the #StopHateForProfit campaign organizers. This will hopefully bring positive changes to social platforms owned by Facebook, while also proving the strength of social movements.

The Social landscape is constantly changing and the Swarm is here to help you navigate it. Please reach out with any inquiries.