Social Updates: March 2022 - Meta Gives Advertisers More Placement Control and Pinterest Holds Global Summit

Social Updates: March 2022 - Meta Gives Advertisers More Placement Control and Pinterest Holds Global Summit
Photo by Dima Solomin / Unsplash


Meta’s rolling out a new set of parental supervision and control tools for Instagram and Quest VR, which address key elements of concern with usage and exposure among younger users. The new Parental Control center combines the existing parental control tools into a more centralized dashboard. Safety is a top priority for all parents and knowing that Meta is making progress in their ability to control these environments should provide peace of mind for them and brands looking to advertise within the platforms.

Meta has announced a new partnership with brand suitability platform Zefr which will better enable advertisers to ensure that their promotions don’t appear alongside potentially offensive material, as defined by their concerns on this front.  The partnership will help Meta develop better systems to ensure brand safety while maximizing ad opportunities. Thankfully, we (PMG) are badged partners with Meta and will be one of the first to gain access to these safety updates. We are actively exploring how we can incorporate these brand suitability integrations for all our clients once they become available.  This is important to make note of to address any potential client concerns in the ability to control what appears alongside their branded ads.

Facebook and Instagram won’t be shut down in Europe after all. As some of you may recall, the EU privacy regulator sent Meta a preliminary order back in 2020 ordering the suspension of data transfers to the US and Meta’s been working towards a solution ever since. It seems now it will be a non-issue, with the President of the EU Commission announcing that a new, preliminary agreement on transatlantic data flows has been established in the US.


As part of its continued focus on expanding its eCommerce listings, Instagram will now allow all users to tag products in their IG posts, starting with users in the US. Originally only available to approved creators, Instagram is now giving everyone the capacity to provide a direct link to products and brands in their uploads. This update creates new opportunities for us to explore with clients, as a content and/or messaging shift calling for users to tag their products within their posts could exponentially earn more impressions, drive a positive shift in sentiment, and deliver a stronger value proposition.

We asked for it, now here it is. After announcing the coming option back in December – Instagram has now launched its algorithm-free, chronological feed option to all users.


Pinterest announced a range of new updates as part of its second annual ‘Pinterest Presents’ global advertiser summit, including in-stream shopping enhancements, promoted Idea Pins, improvements to its Pinterest Trends tool, and more. The big addition of focus is ‘Your Shop’, a new, personalized shopping page within the app.

·  One of the most notable updates that were announced is a new shopping API. This will make it possible for brands/agencies to automatically upload and update a retailer's merchandise availability. The new shopping API will also create greater reporting capabilities with the API's direct access, reducing the reliance on cookies/pixels and leveraging Pinterest’s first-party data for targeting, optimizations, and reporting.

· We expect more platforms to update or introduce their own APIs in the near future, as we move towards a cookie-less future. Direct response opportunities will become easier to set up and report by both the client and agency side. We will be actively testing campaigns on Pinterest in Q3 & Q4 with our home security client, to establish benchmarks and branding efforts, with the hopes of transitioning into an additional direct-response channel.

·  Another key update for marketers is the improvement of Pinterest Trends, which provides insights into the popularity of any topic in the app. Pinterest Trends is a great research and insights tool, both for brands on Pinterest which will now include real-time search data, more trend types, more granular audience tools, and personalized trend recommendations for your business.


TikTok is currently testing a new “watch history” feature that allows users to see videos that appeared on their “For You” page that they didn’t have a chance to save. Due to the constant stream of content on TikTok, accidentally refreshing your “For You” page and losing a video before you’ve had a chance to “like” it is a common problem for users. It seems that TikTok is looking to solve this problem with the addition of this possible feature. The company has not mentioned if or when it plans to expand the test and roll out the feature to more users.


After a year of testing, Twitter has announced some new updates to Birdwatch.  This crowdsourced, fact-checking program, enables Twitter users to add notes to Tweets that they believe contain misleading information. Users will be able to add manual notes and tips on tweets, which can help to provide more context to future readers. And while that could also be problematic in terms of people using it as a tool to silence dissenting opinions, Birdwatch reports don’t limit a tweet’s reach or performance. As such, they merely provide more context to those that seek it. Now, some users will see Birdwatch notes displayed upfront on tweets in their timeline, and they’ll also be prompted to rate that supplemental information to qualify the info further.

Twitter’s moving to the next stage with its new Professional Profiles option, with all users now able to convert their account to a Professional Profile within their settings. All Twitter users can go through the conversion process within their account settings, which then gives you access to a range of additional features, like a new business information display, product listings, a newsletter module, and more.

Twitter is rolling out three new ad formats that, for advertisers, look very impressive, but for users, could make your feed feel a little more commercial, which could take a little bit of getting used to. These new ad types are a great creative opportunity to connect and inform targeted users of more granular details for a product or service. We encourage teams to be early adopters of these ad types, as the additional placements will not only continue expanding the reach of our efforts but also create additional engagement opportunities while maintaining our clients at the forefront of the social advertising space.