Social Updates: November 2020

Social Updates: November 2020

Ephemeral Content is Everywhere and Instagram Incentivizes Creators Further


With the official vote counting and certification process still underway for the Presidential Election, Facebook announced it will maintain its current pause on ads about politics and social issues in the US, likely for at least another month. With much discussion still swirling around the results, Facebook opted to stand firm to avoid potential complications.

Facebook is facing legal challenges (again), as The Washington Post reported that a group of state attorneys general is on track to file antitrust charges against Facebook over its acquisitions of Instagram and WhatsApp. They allege that Facebook's purchase of rival apps "helped create an anti-competitive social networking juggernaut", which has since moved to quash opposition through its scale and data-gathering processes.

As Facebook shifts further into eCommerce, it’s dealing with more issues relating to misleading ads, payment disputes, and scammers. To combat this, Facebook announced a new partnership with the Better Business Bureau which will seek to provide online shoppers with more information about potential scams and avoid issues. They’ve launched a “Shop Safe, Shop Smart” campaign, which will run ads and organic content on FB, IG, and other social channels to keep users up to date on the latest scam tactics.

The ephemeral content trend is here to stay and after disappearing messages were rolled out on WhatsApp, which erase after 7 days, Facebook announced a new 'Vanish Mode' for Messenger, which will see your messages disappear as soon as you leave the chat.


Instagram is doing what it can to best TikTok via influencer monetization and offering more brand partnership options and processes to help users make money from their content. Instagram is adding new Branded Content Tags for both Reels and Live to expand its revenue options for creators. If creators can make more money on Reels, maybe that will be enough to stop them from straying to TikTok.

Another update from Instagram is a new setting that will enable users to choose whether they can be targeted with more personalized ads in the app via the 3rd party platforms and providers. The new “Data From Partners” settings will enable users to opt-out of the use of partner-sourced data to target them with more personalized ads.


TikTok appears to have won another legal hurdle and is safe for now. Back in August, the President issued an Executive Order which ruled that the app must be sold to a US-owned business, or it would face a full ban in the nation due to national security concerns related to its Chinese ownership. But since then, legal challenges have seemingly rendered the original order ineffective, and in the rush of the election campaign, and the array of legal challenges against the original Order, the Administration has overlooked the TikTok push, leaving TikTok unclear about what happens next. TikTok took to Twitter to make a statement on this lingering legal process.

TikTok is reportedly expanding beyond its short-form content strength and testing longer 3-minute videos. The company wants to see if giving people the ability to record longer videos is something creators (and their followers) want to explore.


Snapchat announced a new set of ad options for app marketers, which looks to expand on opportunities for app developers to connect with Snap's audience by cross-linking their app functions with the platform. The connection comes via Snap's Creative Kit, which enables developers to integrate Snapchat functionality into their apps. The idea is that by allowing more cross-connection between apps, Snap facilitates more connection to its engaged audience, and linking other apps will open its platform to outside contributions, which could help it compete with Facebook and other social apps.


In case you heard about Twitter Fleets and wanted to try them, you may have to wait a little longer - according to Twitter, it's delaying the expanded roll-out of Fleets due to performance and stability concerns. Many users have reported experiencing significant lag in using Fleets, leading to a 'clunky' user experience.

Twitter recently announced carousels as an available ad product and marketers can now add up to six images or videos in an ad. Carousel ads have been a popular choice on other platforms for many years and it’s great to see Twitter expand their offerings.