Social Updates: December 2021 - Meta Brings VR to More Users And TikTok Opens a Chain of Delivery-Only Restaurants

Social Updates: December 2021 - Meta Brings VR to More Users And TikTok Opens a Chain of Delivery-Only Restaurants
Photo by Vinicius "amnx" Amano / Unsplash


Meta announced that it’s making its “Horizon Worlds” VR creation and interaction platform available to all users in the US and Canada, which will serve as an introduction to VR for many new Meta VR users who got a headset during the Holiday season this year.

Amid rising concern about Meta’s move to roll out end-to-end encryption by default to all of its messaging apps, Meta’s Global Head of Safety Antigone Davis has today sought to provide a level of reassurance that Meta is indeed aware of the risks and dangers that such protection can pose, and that it is building safeguards into its processes to protect against potential misuse. Though the measures outlined don’t exactly address all the issues raised by analysts and safety groups around the world.

Facebook rolled out a slew of new creator features, including Links during live-stream broadcasts, new ways for creators to interact with fan comments, additional funding for rising stars, guest chats in posts, new follow recommendations, and more. The main additions relate to Facebook Live’s additional engagement features to help live-streamers get more from their efforts.


Instagram’s Platform Chief, Adam Mosseri had a Senate appearance in December, which was primarily focused on how the company’s looking to improve safety for young users and noted that Instagram is looking to add a chronological feed option in early 2022, one of the most requested features in the app.


Twitter has announced that they have acquired a messaging app named Quill, which is focused on facilitating more efficient messaging communication via advanced layout and sorting options. So while it is a messaging app, which could theoretically be built into Twitter’s DMs, it’s more aligned with professional messaging over personal. It includes organizational capabilities that allow the user to manage various chats into different categories to maximize the communication within the app.

Twitter also launched a new test that includes a reformatted Explore tab, which displays tweets in a full-screen, vertical scrolling format. The display is identical to TikTok, with a Twitter navigation bar at the bottom, underlining the massive influence that TikTok has had on social app development, as every platform scrambles to keep up with the latest usage trends.


There have been significant changes to how apps can collect data because of regulatory shifts and operating system updates and social platforms are working to establish new data collection processes to ensure that marketers can still reach their target audiences. LinkedIn’s looking to address this with the implementation of various new processes, including a new ‘Group Identity’ targeting option, which will utilize its first-party data, as entered on user profiles, to categorize audiences into more segments. The new option allows you to use LinkedIn categorization to reach users with your promotions on third-party sites that are part of LinkedIn’s Audience network. You’ve always been able to use the same type of targeting on LinkedIn itself, but this new process will provide more options for reaching audience segments based on more qualifiers, without you needing to specify your audiences through your own targeting selections.


TikTok continues to expand its creator monetization tools with the addition of video tipping and virtual gifts for regular uploads and live streams in the app. Although live tipping and digital gifts have been available for selected live-stream creators via its Creator Next program since last year, this new expansion brings the functionality to regular TikTok videos, which will add another way for users to generate direct income from their TikTok videos.

In a move that I doubt many would have seen coming, TikTok is opening a new chain of delivery-only restaurants across the US, which will see the platform convert viral recipe videos from the app into themed menu items. Partnering with Virtual Dining Concepts and Grubhub, TikTok’s restaurant service will update its menu quarterly and will see TikTok-branded foods delivered to your door.