Social Updates: August 2021 - Facebook Hosts a Film Festival While TikTok Makes Major Moves

Social Updates: August 2021 - Facebook Hosts a Film Festival While TikTok Makes Major Moves
Photo by Solen Feyissa / Unsplash


As TikTok continues to gain momentum, Facebook seeks new ways to subdue the growth, with its latest pushback coming via Facebook Reels, which will enable users to create and share Instagram Reels within the main Facebook app.

The film industry is going through a major upheaval with the pandemic forcing a reassessment of traditional distribution processes as more people turn to video-on-demand platforms instead of traditional cinematic releases. Facebook wants to add another wrinkle to this process, with the launch of the first-ever official film premiere on the platform with documentary feature 'The Outsider,' which screened August 19th via a Facebook ticketed event.


Instagram is taking the next steps in its effort to better protect younger users by asking all users who’ve not previously entered their date of birth to do so in the app. The new prompts will ask users to add their birthday, which, if ignored, will eventually have users blocked from the app until they add in the required information. Instagram says it will show the new prompts ‘a handful of times’ before implementing restrictions.

Instagram is making a change to the way external links are shared within Stories frames, with the current 'Swipe up' links to be removed and replaced by new 'Link' stickers. The update will enable more prominent placement of links within your Stories frames, which could give you more ways to entice click-throughs and put more focus on driving that action within your Story.


TikTok is expanding its relationship with Shopify to provide more ways for Shopify merchants to promote their products directly to their audience within TikTok. It was announced that a new shop tab expansion for Shopify merchant profiles will add a new product display within the app, facilitating direct product promotion within a dedicated storefront space.

The platform is also conducting a test of TikTok Stories. TikTok Stories will disappear after 24 hours and will be displayed in a collapsible left-hand side panel in the main feed of the app. Users would be able to tap into Stories from profiles they follow and tap through the frames indicated by the gray bars along the bottom of the Story display.

After testing selected profiles over the past few months, TikTok is now rolling out its Boost-like ‘Promote’ option to all business users. The option is similar to Facebook’s Boost button, which enables you to seamlessly amplify posts by quickly putting together an ad campaign.


Twitter has announced that it’s opening up Ticketed Spaces to more users on the platform. This update provides an additional avenue for creator monetization, which is a key element in Twitter's broader strategy to boost usage and attract more users.